More SDA churches leave troubled CKC for new entity


Another splinter group has left the Central Kenya Conference (CKC) of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and joined the new entity over the wrangles that hit the church.
The latest faction will be the third group to break away from the CKC, owing to the ongoing fights at the CKC’s headquarters at the St Maxwell’s Church in Karura, Nairobi.
Consequently, the KPCU church which is located in Mowlem, off Kangundo Road, last week voted to move out of CKC and join the newly formed Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC).
Makandi SDA Church in Meru and Mountain View Church of Kangemi had earlier joined NCC from CKC.
In a letter to the CKC leader John Kiragu and copied to Mowlem OCS, the church says that it ceased being a member of CKC on September 14, and its decision final.
“SDA KPCU Church has joined the NCC. This decision is not contestable in whatsoever manner. Members plead that their decision is respected under SDA religious liberty policies and Constitution of Kenya on the choice of association,” it read.
However, unlike a few weeks before where services at St Maxwell’s were marred with violence, resulting in its temporary closure, things have been calm of late.
The CKC has already poured cold water on the exits, terming the NCC a private firm which cannot run churches.


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