Ministry warns teachers against unapproved books in schools


Ministry of Education has warned teachers against using unapproved books such as Blood Ties, saying those found doing so will be jailed.
Director General for Basic Education Elyas Abdi warned schools procuring unapproved books that contain unsuitable content.
“You are therefore required to bring to the immediate attention of all Principals and Headteachers that only books listed in the Orange Book are allowed for use in schools,” said Abdi in a statement from.
In the letter addressed to all regional and county Education directors, Mr Abdi warned that principals or headteachers who fail to implement the policy will have contravened Section 27 of the KICD Act, 2013.
The Act states that a person who purports to develop any curriculum in respect of any institution or applies in Kenya any local or foreign curriculum or curriculum support materials without approval of the council commits an offence.
Such a person is liable to imprisonment for a period not exceeding 3 years or a fine not exceeding Sh1 million or both.
The Orange book cited in the Education Ministry statement is in two volumes and lists approved textbooks and other instructional materials for pre-primary, primary and secondary schools as well as teacher training colleges.


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