Matt, world-famous elephant dies aged 52


One of North Kenya’s largest tuskers, a celebrated African savanna elephant called Matt, has died.
Matt, 52, and one of Kenya’s well-known elephant elders died from natural causes.
His body was found by the Northern Rangelands Trust 9-1 anti-poaching unit on October 7 and reported to the Kenya Wildlife Service.
Matt was collared with a GPS tracking collar in 2002 so researchers could monitor and study his behaviour and rangers could protect him from poachers.
The elephant measuring 10 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing over 6 tons survived during the high-risk poaching epidemic a decade ago.
About 100,000 elephants were killed across Africa in just three years, between 2010 and 2012.
As a dominant bull elephant, Matt moved from his resting area east of the Matthew’s Range to the Samburu National Reserve where he could find females in oestrus.
He appeared in numerous nature documentary series including the BBC’s ‘This Wild Life’, ‘The Secret Lives of Elephants’ and ‘Nature’s Epic Journeys’.


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