Matiang’i denounces Dedan Kimathi’s grave at Kamiti


The Ministry of Interior on Saturday, October 26 labeled reports of Dedan Kimathi’s grave discovery as false and insisted that such news would only be channeled through their official site.

“Our attention has been drawn to the news on some platforms that the grave of our freedom fighter Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi has been found at Kamiti Prison. Please note these claims are false; such info will be relayed to the public only via our official communication channels.” The tweet from the ministry read.

On Friday, October 25, news of mau mau hero Dedan Kimathi’s grave being found hit the news waves, 62 years after the hero was buried in an unmarked grave.

A statement shared by the foundation on Friday evening, October 25, affirmed that Kimathi’s gravesite that was the subject of a 62-year-long search by a number of government organisations was within the Kamiti Maximum Prison.

On September 17 the late hero’s widow appealed to the president and his deputy to help in locating his remains in order to give him a proper burial.

“My wish is for the government to find the remains of my husband who I believe is buried at Kamiti Maximum Prison. I want to give him a decent burial,” Mukami urged in a press statement by the Foundation on September 17.

The Dedan Kimathi foundation uploaded a video of Mukami Kimathi, Dedan’s widow, celebrating with family over the identification of Dedan Kimathi’s grave.

The statement by the Ministry of Interior refuting the reports as fake is sure to cause heartbreak to the late heroes family.


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