Mara Heist whistle-blowers want state protection


Whistle-blowers in the Mara Heist expose which was documented by Citizen TV want the government and the witness protection agency to provide them with security.
According to Spencer Sankale, one of the whistleblowers, life has changed since the airing of the expose which attracted the attention of the whole country.
Spencer says there is intimidation he experienced at work and the trouble of the publicity that came with the expose.
“I have been at work actually. But a lot of things have changed in my life and I can’t walk the way I used to walk. There is always that threat, the intimidation is there at work mostly. And it’s mostly a security issue for me whenever I am out and the other thing is that I walk in the malls and most of the people actually recognise me. They call me by my name, mostly Spencer, mostly Mara Heist. So it’s a whole new thing,” Spencer told Citizen TV.
The narrative was almost similar even to the witnesses and whistleblowers who had requested their identity to be hidden.
The acting deputy finance officer at Maasai Mara University Wilberforce Kipruto Serem who had applied for State Protection as a witness in the case claimed there was little that had been done to protect them as their identity were later on discovered.
“We did apply but so far nothing has been done by the witness protection agency. We have not received any sort of protection from the government or the witness protection agency,” Serem stated.
Mara Heist investigative report unearthed gross corruption cases and abuse of office by top officials at Maasai Mara University.


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