Man returns home with three bananas after disappearing for 35 years


A family in Gatundu is celebrating the return of their son who went left their home 35 years ago to go look for a job never to return.
76-year-old Lawrence Njuguna who walked back in the barehanded said has been living in Tanzania and working as a sand harvester.
“I never had money to facilitate my return until a volunteer gave me some money. I have missed home and will never go back to Tanzania,” he said.
Apart from three ripe bananas, the ageing Njuguna had nothing and could not remember anyone including his children.
He says he regrets wasting all his life in exile as he could not communicate with any family member as he apparently never owned a mobile phone.
The father of nine children, five girls and four boys left Mwea village at the age of 41 in pursuit of greener pastures.
He had moved to Kajiado County first and was employed as a casual labourer in different farms before moving to Tanzania where he worked as a sand harvester for over 10 years.
He decided to return home but could not remember the way back to the village.


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