Magufuli’s message as 71 fuel tanker victims are buried


Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has pleaded with people to stop risking their lives by siphoning fuel from broken-down tankers.
Speaking during the mass burial of the 71 victims of fuel tanker explosion, Magufuli said the country had lost its citizens in a very unfortunate circumstance and urged everyone to be extra careful with tankers carrying fuel or any other chemical.
“There are vehicles that carry dangerous fuel oil, as in this case in Morogoro, there are others that carry toxic chemicals or explosives, let’s stop this practice, please,” he said.
Mr Magufuli declared three days of mourning.
Locals tried to siphon fuel from the vehicle on a main road in the Morogoro region when it exploded, killing 71.
Ahead of the funeral, hundreds of relatives visited the hospital to try to identify their dead family members, but many were burnt beyond recognition.
As a result, officials have promised to do DNA tests.
The incident occurred in Morogoro region, about 200 km west of the port city of Dar es Salaam, the country’s commercial capital.
The city of Morogoro is on a major route for transporting cargo and fuel from the port.
“Many people died here, even those who were not stealing fuel because this is a busy place,” said eyewitnesses
Local Police Chief Willbrod Mtafungwa said many of those killed were motorbike taxi drivers.


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