Lonyangapuo: My absent duty doesn’t earn any salary


West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo has said he has not been paying salary to his absent deputy Dr Nicholas Owon Atudonyang who has been in the US as a medical practitioner since his assumption of office.
Lonyangapuo claimed that the county withheld salaries for the deputy governor from September 2018 after his absence caused a void in the county administration pattern.
“I have done the best that I can to monitor and I’m handling this issue. I do not pay salaries to the absent deputy governor,” remarked Lonyangapuo.
However, Lonyangapuo lamented a lack of legislation that would allow for the sacking of the deputy governor indicating willingness to replace him once the law gives him away.
“I cannot sack the deputy governor because the law does not allow me to do that,” added governor Lonyangapuo.
Lonyangapuo brushed off claims that Atudonyang still receives some allowances from the county, alluding that the allegations have long been used by his political enemies to paint him in a bad light as a corrupt governor.


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