Let us welcome out of wedlock children, Millie Odhiambo tells women


Controversial Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo has encouraged married women to allow their husbands bring home children born out of wedlock to bring family unity and avoid drama when husbands die.
Millie even encouraged her husband to bring any child he sired out saying she is ready to welcome them and take care of them.
“We don’t want situations where women are forced to come out during death, that drama is unnecessary, let them bring the children home,” she said.
MP Millie, who has never been afraid to talk about her struggle to get children, said doing so would unite her family and avoid the drama witnessed when most husbands pass away.
“If my husband Mabona gave birth to some children out of wedlock, let him incorporate them in my family,” she said.
Speaking in Mbita during the ground-breaking ceremony for a new Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) on Thursday, the fiery legislator said she had asked her husband to bring home all the children he has sired with other women.
“I have told Mabona that if he has any child out there, let him bring them home. I am ready to take care of them because I don’t want any child to suffer because their father and mother are not married,” she said.
Millie further said she is drafting a bill that will compel Kenyan men to take responsibility for all children they sire.
“Start preparing because the Bill will compel men to be responsible. All children are creatures of God and they deserve their father’s love. Let no man ignore these children,” she noted.


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