Late Luo musician Ohangla’s fans clash with police during burial preparations


Fans of Luo music have eulogized celebrated ohangla musician Bernard Onyango Obonyo, popularly known as Abenny Jachiga, who died Thursday morning.
Emotions were high as the fans ran, rode and drove to Kisumu’s Port Florence Hospital to catch one last glance of the musician.
The rowdy crowd prompted the hospital’s management to lock the gates and call the police to control the mourners. The fans ended up clashing with the police on the Kisumu-Busia road. In the ensuing melee, the mob brought down a section of the perimeter wall at the hospital’s mortuary.
The young musician was well-known for his hit song “Mano Kasinde”, which talks about how men lie about their lovers, describing them as cousins. He is also famed for other songs such as “Penzi ni Kama Yai” and “Maraga Odagi”, which he released after the 2017 ruling that nullified President Uhuru Kenyatta’s election.
Abenny left Kisumu for Nairobi last Wednesday and fell ill on Friday, his brother Austin Omondi said. He went back to Kisumu the following day for treatment.
“He was seriously sick and kept complaining about stomach pains. He also had boils all over his body. I suspected it was chickenpox,” he said.
Mr Omondi said the musician was taken to Aga Khan Hospital, where he was treated for pneumonia. He was discharged later when his condition improved, but a doctor attended to him at home.
When his situation worsened, he was rushed to St Elizabeth Hospital in Chiga before being transferred to St Jairus Hospital, where he died at 2am.
The 33 –year-old is said to have started his music career at the age of 21 as an instrumentalist. His fans said he played at the former Gwara Gwara Club in Kondele and later Capitol Hill.
The artiste has left a widow and five children.
Meanwhile, the burial of legendary musician John Amatubi Nzenze, planned for tomorrow, has been restricted to only 30 mourners. The decision was reached at a meeting between the organizing committee and the Vihiga County Security Committee.
Of the 30 mourners, 20 will be family members and the remaining 10 will be picked from a list of musicians. Family spokesman Sammy Ingati said a memorial service that was to take place yesterday and the planned viewing of the body today had been cancelled.
The county government has pledged to donate Sh50,000 toward the burial plans.
But the family is short of Sh150,000, having raised only Sh32,000 in a fundraiser.


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