Landlords listen carefully! Uhuru finally speaks on rent issue amid Coronavirus pandemic


President Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing the nation through Swahili radio stations on Wednesday April 22, 2020 addressed the issue of landlords and tenants. The president stated that the government is continually pleading with all landlords to have mercy and humane during these hard times to their tenants.

The government urged landlords to dialogue with their tenants and have an understanding in terms of rent payment. The president said he was not in a position to order landlords to stop asking for rent because those are private entities and not public assets.

Uhuru, gave an example with government entities such as KPLC where he ordered no Kenyan will be disconnected during this pandemic.

However, the president urged landlords to follow examples set by other property owners such as allowing tenants to pay half the amount or agree when they will pay rent instead of evicting them by force.

“This year we can’t do things the way we used to do them before,” He said.


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