Kisumu man arrested after biting chief who accompanied census official


A couple has been arrested in Kisumu for allegedly biting the finger of a village elder and assaulting a local chief who had accompanied census officials to their Obunga house.
is being held at Kisumu Central Police Station for allegedly attacking a chief and a village elder who had accompanied census officers at their house in Obunga slums.
Richard Ochieng and his wife are being held at Kisumu Central Police Station after they attacked the administrators for bringing the census officials to their house against their wish.
According to the injured chief, the family had chased away enumerators who had visited their house prompting them to accompany them, but they too were not spared.
The chief says the woman started wailing immediately she saw the census officials causing a commotion before she called her husband who was not at home at the time.
When her husband arrived, he also started shouting and as police attempted to handcuff him, he severely bit the village elder’s fingers.


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