Kisumu hotel owner kills matatu driver for blocking his way


Police in Kisumu have arrested a businessman after he allegedly shot and killed a matatu driver at Polyview Estate in Kisumu.
An argument is reported to have ensued between the two after Daniel Jaoko,the owner of Ray-Green Hotel in Nyamasaria, refused to give way for Peter Otieno, a matatu driver, who wanted to drive out of the estate.
Police say Jaoko had just dropped his girlfriend at the estate when the incident occured
County police boss Benson Maweu said the suspect drew a pistol and shot the matatu driver three times in the chest.
“The suspect had dropped his girlfriend at the estate but refused Otieno’s request to get out of the way, the two argued before Jaoko shot Otieno,” said Maweu.
Otieno was rushed to Avenue hospital where he died while undergoing treatment.
Police have recovered 56 bullets from the suspect’s car and house
The suspect was booked at Kondele Police Station.


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