Kinoti: Rogue businessmen to blame for rising cases of cancer


Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti has accused unscrupulous businessmen of being responsible for the many cancer cases in the country.
He said his office is probing various businessmen allegedly repackaging expired foodstuff and selling it to unsuspecting Kenyans.
He said that most of the alleged bad products are being brought from foreign countries within East Africa, adding that his officers have embarked on pursuing the cartels.
“We are aware of rogue businessmen who bring in the country what has expired in other countries, repackage it and sell it as a new product,” said Kinoti.
“They are crossing into our border from Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, and then they find their way to be consumed by our people.”
He blamed the expired products for the many cancer deaths in the country, warning that the businessmen’s days are numbered.


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