Man killed by unknown people, body dumped in Machakos river


A 25-year-old man was found murdered and his body dumped in River Ngomola in Kithyoko, Masinga Sub-county of Machakos County.
Kithyoko Chief Daniel Nzomo said locals who had gone to the river in the morning reported to him that they had stumbled on a body.
“I got a report in the morning about a body being discovered in River Ngomola, before rushing to the scene,” he said.
According to the chief, the man could have killed somewhere before his body was thrown into the river.
Muthoka said that residents had told of a vehicle that was seen this morning making a stop near the river before taking off.
The body was naked and had a roped around his neck with his head was covered.
“There are people who saw a Nissan Matatu stopping at the river before speeding off at around 7 am,” he said.
Muthoka said he reported the matter to Masinga police boss Solomon Chebos who sent officers to scene.


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