Kenyan arrested with 60 packets of cocaine at Thailand airport


A Kenyan is being held by Thailand police after being found attempting to smuggle outlawed cocaine drug into the country.
Thailand authorities said the suspect was arrested alongside a Nigerian national identified as Osita Joseph Ukpa.
Glenn Ooko was quizzed at the country’s capital Suvarnabhumi airport with more than 60 packets of the drug in his stomach.
Police suspect Oooko was hired by the Nigerian to help him smuggle the narcotics.
“The Nigerian had hired the 40-year-old Kenyan to help with smuggling the product into Thailand,” said the authorities.
“He swallowed cocaine weighing 1.2 kilograms, which were in 68 packets,” said the ONCB, after an x-ray test gave the suspect away, revealing the packets in his stomach.
Thailand has served as a major shipment hub of drugs to other countries such as Australia and Japan, the authorities said the suspects were part of a racket.


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