Kamanda: Raila is helping President Uhuru to fight graft


Nominated MP Maina Kamanda has hailed Opposition chief Raila Odinga for helping President Uhuru Kenyatta to fight graft.
He said unlike other people in government who have opposed the war on graft, Raila has stood firm and supported President Uhuru’s support.
“There are people who claim to be in government but what they do is to loot public funds. They oppose everything include the war on graft and Kenyans must say no to such leaders,” the former Starehe MP said.
He praised Raila for accepting to support President Uhuru without asking for a position or money, but just for the love of the country, a move which gave birth to the handshake and the prevailing unity in the country.
On Sunday, Mr Kamanda, a proponent of the handshake, said that the two leaders had brought about stability, adding that they saved the country from ridicule.
“Raila did not put conditions to President Uhuru to accommodate him in government, neither did he demand anything like a position,” he said.
Kamanda challenged Deputy President William Ruto to disclose the sources of the money he donates in churches saying the money could be taxpayers’ money being looted.
“Some of the money looted is finding its way into churches through known people and we must end this,” said Kamanda.


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