Jaguar tells China to write off Kenya’s Ksh 650 billion debt


“Since corona-virus originated from China, then they have to write off all debts from Kenya.”he said this morning. He tweeted that the Chinese government ought to write off Kenya’s Sh650 billion debt since the corona-virus originated from the Asian country.

He suggested that the money being used by the Kenyan government to pay the loan should be channeled to small traders and to people living in informal settlements.

His argument is stemmed from reports that the government is considering a total lock-down of the country if cases of corona-virus infections spike.

“Corona-virus originated from China. They have to write off Kenya’s Sh.650 billion debt. We can channel repayments to small traders and informal settlements like Mukuru. We cannot convince people who live from hand to mouth to stay at home unless we provide for them,” jaguar tweeted.


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