Jack Songo: Landlords reject me because I’m a night runner


Night Runners organisation chairman Jack Songo has narrated his frustrations in getting a house to rent as a result of his night running post.
Songo said that he has been rejected by over 60 landlords, most of whom don’t want to rent out their houses to him.
Songo who had enrolled for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams revealed that even the use of the principal of the school where he is supposed to sit his exam has borne no fruits
“I have struggled to get a house because landlords turn me down since I’m a night runner,” he said.
Ndhiwa ABE Mixed Secondary School principal Eddie Ouam said that many people know about Songo’s night running as he is open about it.
“Whenever you go to a landlord you will be asked who wants to occupy the house. Because of the publicity he usually receives, he is turned away,” he said.
Despite the reputation, villagers have embraced him, with some likening him to their watchman, who is always out when everybody else is in their houses sleeping.
In a previous interview with the BBC, Songo who doubles up as a painter and carpenter promised to ride on a hyena in his night sessions.


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