I would have been harmed – Maryanne Kitany on skipping father-in-law’s funeral


Maryanne Jebet Kitany, the estranged wife of Senator Linturi has come out to say that she skipped her father-in-law’s funeral because she was informed that she would be harmed.
Many who knew the power couple in their happy days said the senior Linturi had a liking for Ms Kitany. In their tussle with Linturi, which is ongoing at the High Court in Nairobi, the senator has described the former Chief of Staff at the Deputy President’s office as a visitor who overstayed.
Yesterday, Kitany said she kept off the funeral due to security concerns. She had wanted to attend but turned back apparently after getting wind of possible violence.
“I was informed that goons had been hired to block my entry to the venue and had I succeeded to gain entry, I would have been harmed. So I chose to turn back and watch his funeral proceedings on media,” she said in a statement last evening.
Kitany was not mentioned in the obituary as a wife of the senator, but high school teacher Mary Kaimenyi was named as the wife of the third term legislator.


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