I will make BBI report public for Kenyans to decide, Uhuru tells Mt Kenya leaders


President Uhuru Kenyatta has said he will make the BBI report public once he receives it for Kenyans to decide.
Speaking to Mt Kenya region leaders during a Gema meeting at Sagana State Lodge, Nyeri, Uhuru said it is Kenyans who will decide the fate of the BBI report after reading it.
“If we disagree, we should do it honourably with all opinions aired,” he said.
Uhuru, however, hyped support for BBI by praising the fruits of the handshake.
He said there can never be any development without peace.
“I will take you back on the journey we have walked together. In 2007, you recall what we went through. The country almost went up in flames,” He said.
“I’m sure even here there are people with sad memories because of the chaos, especially our people in the Rift Valley. I remind you my personal efforts on forgiveness and forging a way forward,” He added.
Uhuru urged Mt Kenya leaders to focus on their work instead of succession politics.
“We have mentioned miraa, pyrethrum, coffee, tea, cotton, milk, and those are our problems. I wonder when shall we help our people? They only talk about 2022 and abuse each other.”
The Building Bridges Initiative task force three weeks ago completed filing its report after collecting views from Kenyans across the country.
The task force held its last formal sitting at the task force secretariat where they finalised the report and communicated to the President’s office.


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