How to make money on TikTok


Thanks to a new trend, you don’t have to be a creator or an influencer to make money on TikTok well, kind of. Millennial financial experts are posting videos on TikTok featuring tips and tricks to make big bucks from home, with minimal work.

Videos with hashtags like #financialfreedom and #onlinebusiness, #makemoney and #passiveincome have hundreds of millions of views. In these quick-take videos, entrepreneurs describe how they’re making money online, how you can make money online, and how well their business is doing and yeah, they’re showing receipts.

If you naturally cringe at claims that remote gigs can provide you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars without lifting a finger, the financial entrepreneurs of TikTok don’t blame you and they’re also not trying to change your mind.

TikTok entrepreneurs share the various ways they make money online in a combination of story-time videos and quick-cut slides, adding screenshots of dated revenue reports as proof. They share these videos both to share their experience, but also expertise. Many finance Tok-ers also offer educational and consulting services as another hustle meaning, they’re making money by telling their followers how to make money.

But a lot of these income streams are passive income, or money that makes itself.


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