Give Fidel’s wife a break, Miguna tells Ida Odinga


Exiled politician Miguna Miguna has defended Fidel Odinga’s widow Lwam Getachew in a family row over the late Fidel’s estate.
The controversial lawyer argued that Lwam is now the administrator of the estate.
”In law, The People’s Con-Man @RailaOdinga, Ida and Winnie have no standing regarding the estate of Fidel Odinga who died without a will but left behind his LEGALLY MARRIED wife and a child. Lwam Getachew Bekele is the legitimate estate administrator. Period,” said Miguna Miguna.
Miguna also pointed out that if its true Fidel had twins with another woman, then it should be their mother to file for benefits for her children and not Ida and Winnie.
The lawyer’s sentiments come amid a court battle between Ida Odinga, her daughter Winnie and Lwam.
In the case, Ida and Winnie want two kids who they say were sired by Fidel with another woman to be included as beneficiaries of his estate.
Lwan had objected their application stating that her son is Fidel’s only child.
Their case will depend on the DNA results on the twins.
Lwam has indicated that if the results come out positive, then she will include the twins as beneficiaries of the estate.


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