Get a loan now! List of best loan apps in Kenya



Tala was the first instant mobile loan app launched in Kenya and it was called Mkopo Rahisi before later rebranded to Tala.

Tala App requires one to have a smartphone and a good Mpesa Track record to access their loans.


Mshwari is a Mobile banking service offered through M-Pesa in partnership with the Commercial Bank of  Africa (CBA). Mshwari was found in 2012 and has been active ever since.

The minimum loan amount that can you can borrow is Ksh 100, and the maximum loan limit is unknown.

To qualify for a higher loan limit, one is required to have repaid the first loaned amount on time, and also increase your saving amount in your Mshwari account.


Branch International is a San Fransico based company with a branch in Nairobi. It was launched in Kenya in 2015 and has been active ever since.

To qualify for a loan using this app, you need to be a registered Mpesa user and have an official active Facebook account with usernames matching those in your National ID card.




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