Former Makadara MP Ndolo, six arrested in City business row


Former Makadara MP Reuben Ndolo and six others were on Sunday night arrested by flying squad officers for allegedly causing disturbance and threatening to kill.
Ndolo and six others were arrested at a residential property situated along Ole Odume road.
“Detectives arrested seven people among them Former Makadara MP Ndolo at Bustani Gardens along Oledume Road for threatening to kill. All suspects in lawful custody awaiting arraignment,” DCI yesterday said in a Tweet.
“All the suspects are helping DCI detectives in further investigations. To be charged on Monday,” the Tweet added.
The other six suspects include Daniel Otieno Juma, George Otieno, Cyrus Gichana, Bernard Andai, Dick Ombaka and Hassan Wario.
Ndolo has protested the arrest saying they were in the premise with police to try and resolve a dispute before the detectives pounced on them.
“We run an agency which manages and collects rent on behalf of clients Bustani gardens. There was a dispute on non-payment of our dues,” he said.
The ex-MP said the dispute had even gone to court and had obtained orders which they were to serve in the company of police officers.
“We went in the company of Muthangari Police Station deputy OCS to implement the order which was granted,” he said.
Ndolo and the six suspect will be arraigned on Monday to face charges.


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