Ferry accident survivors say their rescue was a miracle


Passengers who nearly drowned in Lake Victoria after a ferry they were travelling in was involved in an accident have described their rescue as a miracle even as details emerge about the incident that has been blamed on bad weather.
Kenya Maritime officials who investigated the Saturday evening incident said the Ferry-MV Ringiti broke into three and sank after being hit by turbulent waves due to bad weather.
The ferry commonly referred to by locals as ‘Water Bus’ because its form resembles that of a bus was sailing from Mageta Island when the accident happened at 5pm.
The exact number of passengers and crew which were on board is still unknown.
While fishermen and beach managers involved in rescue operations said they rescued 20 people – 15 passengers and five crew members, the ferry management and KMA officials said only 15 were on board.
A police report issued earlier had put the number at eight, saying there were no casualties as all those on board were rescued.
Images of terrified passengers clinging on to the sinking ferry emerged yesterday as survivors recounted their harrowing ordeal.
“It was hell on earth. I saw death coming. We are lucky to be alive,” said Paul Otieno, a crew member of the ill-fated vessel.


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