Farting MCA sends colleagues scampering for air in Homa Bay


Proceedings were halted in Homa Bay County Assembly for close to 20 minutes after an MCA farted forcing colleagues to scamper as the pungent smell engulfed the chambers.
At first, some of the MCAs mistook their colleague’s putrid flatulence for removed boots and called for the owner to return it in vain.
“Mr Speaker someone’s boots are smelling very bad, just like a dog’s feaces,” an MCA shouted.
It was until the pungent smell spread and clouded the entire chamber that MCAs started leaving one by one with formed faces and folded mouths.
“I saw female colleagues reaching for their bags and whipping out their handkerchiefs and decided to take off because I felt like I would pass out,” an MCA who did not want to quoted told Mafans.
When the MCAs resumed the sitting, it took them almost 15 minutes to settle as they talked about the queer behaviour


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