Did Sonko write bouncing cheque to cancer victim?


When Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko volunteered to help a family of a cancer victim who passed on at Kenyatta National Hospital, it was joy and happiness for the family.
But things changed on Wednesday after the governor wrote a cheque with the discrepancy in the amount indicated in words and the amount in figures.
From the cheque that was seen by Mafan, there was a disparity in figures with the figure indicating Sh210,000 and the word indicating Sh200,000.
When Esther Wambui’s plight was highlighted on social media in April after she was turned away at the referral hospital for lack of money.
After Wambui’s death, her family told Nairobi News that the family was left with an outstanding hospital bill of over Sh300,000 and appealed to well-wishers to help the family to offset the huge bill.
Sonko is one of the well-wishers who pledged their support.
One of the reasons that lead to cheque dishonouring is the disparity similar to Sonko’s cheque.


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