Covid-19 pandemic to dictate when schools will reopen, says CS Magoha


School children will stay home for as long as the Covid-19 pandemic persists, Education CS George Magoha (pictured) has told a parliamentary committee.
This now puts the reopening of thousands of schools across the country in limbo since it will now depend on how the Covid-19 disease, which has claimed 26 lives in the country, is managed.
“If the pandemic persists then we shall bite the bullet, even if it means having our children stay home for a year. We are not the only country in this predicament,” he said.

Appearing before the National Assembly’s Education Committee and Research on Thursday, the CS told the MPs it was difficult to specify the exact dates on when schools will resume since “no one knows when this pandemic will end”.
The Ministry had rolled out virtual learning services to offer lessons to learners who have remained at home since the schools were shut down prematurely in March.
The Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development also rolled out lessons for Radio, TV and other platforms for all the 15 million learners in primary and secondary schools, but the MPs raised concerns that some learners will not be able to access them, especially those in remote areas and have also been affected by floods.


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