County borders opened but no travelling taking place

An employee of the matatu bus station sanitizes the hands of a passenger, before he can get in a small matatu bus.

Kenyans will have to wait a little longer to travel despite the lifting of a cessation of movement order into and out of Nairobi and Mombasa due to a delay in the establishment of guidelines for transport operators.

While allowing movement into and out of Kenya’s two largest cities on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the Ministries of Transport and Health to issue guidelines on the resumption of travel.

“There shall be no movement of public transport vehicles into and out of the areas previously under cessation of movement restrictions, without the public transport providers being compliant with all protocols developed by Ministry of Health,” said President Kenyatta.

Kenyans eager to travel the were forced to return home disappointed on learning that public transport companies still had a long way to go before resumption of services.

At the Machakos bus station in Nairobi, hundreds of passengers arrived at dawn hoping to catch a bus upcountry. But after vainly waiting for hours, they went back home.


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