BBI wants Boxing Day changed to National culture day


The Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) task force want the Boxing Day done away with and instead the day be used to celebrate various cultures of Kenyan communities.
The team has recommended that Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas, be known as the National Culture Day.
The report wants the Ministry of Culture and Heritage strengthened in order to achieve national ethos and cohesion.
“A people who care about their national ethos will ensure that this is one of the most important Government bodies. Replace Boxing Day on December 26 with a National Culture Day for celebrating culture and learning about other Kenyans’ cultures (this could also be done on 1 January),” the report says.
President Uhuru backed the proposal, saying the Boxing day is a Europe thing that has nothing to do with Kenyans.
“Let us use the day to celebrate our diversities instead of celebrating what belongs to Europeans that we don’t even know its ORIGIN,” said President Uhuru.
It says the country lacks shared beliefs, ideals and aspirations about what Kenya can become if we all subscribed to a national ethos that builds and reinforces our unity.
The team says that national ethos should be taught in schools, religious institutions and cultural centres, through media and the arts.
Boxing Day is said to have originated from the United Kingdom and is celebrated in a number of countries that previously formed part of the British Empire.


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