AP officer shoots motorcycle rider dead for defying rules at hospital


There was chaos outside Mama Lucy Hospital, Nairobi on Tuesday when bodaboda operators staged a protest over alleged shooting of an operator who defied rules and rode his motorcycle into the hospital.
The operators said the victim was carrying a patient.
He was confronted after he had dropped the sick child at the facility.
Witnesses said the deceased had brought the child after he was rescued from a pool of water as he was drowning in Korogocho slums.
He rode past the security and into the hospital where he parked the motorcycle and rushed the patient into the facility.
It was after he had finished his mission that he was confronted by the police who sought to know why he had defied the orders.
He argued the gates were open and that was an emergency case.
Motorbikes are banned within the hospital.
It was then a confrontation ensued that saw the man identified as Daniel Mburu shot. He succumbed to his injuries.
This sparked protests at the hospital for hours that prompted police to use tear gas canisters to disperse the angry mob, mostly riders.
Nairobi police boss Philip Ndolo said they are investigating the incident with an aim of taking action.


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