Angry bishop urges young girls to preserve their sexuality


An angry bishop from Elgeyo Marakwet has had it up to here with the rising cases of teen pregnancies across the country. David Kipsoi cast the blame on girls claiming that the person who holds the honey pot has the power to either say yes or no when approached by a man.
In a video shared on Facebook, the clergyman wondered why a couple of girls gave in easily to the traps of bodaboda riders and village boys who always wanted to smash them. I want to ask you, who holds the power? The one who is borrowed or the borrower? If you are a girl and a man keeps making passes at you, why not just say no?” David inquired.
He added that men are not shareholders of women’s bodies and therefore should not have any power over them. He asked young girls to learn the power of saying no and moving on with their lives. The pastor further explained that delayed gratification is often underrated and intimacy can be enjoyed even at old age because the spark always burns.


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