Activists arrested during Mombasa SGR protests


Police officers were forced to lob teargas to disperse human rights activists during the demonstration against the suspended government directive to have all imported cargo transported through SGR.
Leaders from Muslim for Human, Haki Africa’s and First Action Business Community are among more than 20 others arrested.
However, Monday’s protests being the fourth one has been the most confrontational.
Incidentally, Monday’s protests were the first one where no politician participated.
Politicians skipped the demos after a confrontation between them and the activists on Saturday.
Kisauni MP Ali Mbogo was heckled and forced to cut short his speech by the activists after he said there was a planned meeting between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Coast leaders.
The activists have accused a section of Coast leaders of siding with the government.
Muhuri communication officer Cornel Oduor said they followed all the law to hold the protest.
“We notified them in good time. It was received. But today, they turned rogue,” said Oduor.


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