64 arrested trying to illegally cross Blue Post roadblock in Thika


Police have arrested 64 people who allegedly tried to bribe security officers at Blue Post roadblock in Thika, Kiambu County.

According to Murang’a County Police Commander Josephat Kinyua, the 64 individuals included 16 drivers and 48 passengers who were trying to illegally cross into Murang’a County from the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

Movement in and out of the Nairobi metropolitan area, counties of Mombasa and Mandera remains forbidden for non-essential service providers to fight transmission of the COVID-19 disease.

However, there have been cases of persons sneaking in and out of these regions, with the Ministry of Health blaming this for the spread of the coronavirus upcountry.

The 64 persons are set to be arraigned on Thursday for flouting the COVID-19 containment measures and attempted bribery.


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