Willy Paul defends bure kabisa hit, says he’s still a Christian


Netizens took to social media to slam local artiste Willy Paul over his latest song Bure Kabisa whose video feature naked women.
Willy Paul has, however, dismissed his critics saying all the controversies his fans are seeing are all business and does not mean he has left his God.
“I am a man of God, whatever I am doing, is just business. What matters is your relationship with God,” Willy Paul stated as quoted by Kiss 100.
This comes amid allegations that he has switched from gospel to secular music. The allegations stemmed from the recent controversial songs that the musician who is also the head of Saldido Records has been releasing.
Bure Kabisa became a topic of discussion on Twitter for the better part of Friday after he shared his new video on his Instagram with the aim of marketing it.
“The beauty of the eye can be so deceiving, inside ni bure kabisa!!! New song link in bio,” Willy Paul captioned the video.


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