Vera Sidika ataambia watu nini!?… Meet Tanzania’s Miss Poshy Queen who is giving men sleepless nights


Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika has been touted by many as being East Africa’s curviest celebrity. Vera’s big derriere has earned her money, fame and over a million Instagram followers.  Let alone the legions of men who drool at her photos.

However, a Tanzanian socialite is giving Vera a run for her money.

Jacqueline Obed, better known as Poshy Queen has been termed by a section of social media as being curvier than Vera.

Though still trailing Vera with 480,000 Instagram followers, Poshy’s wide hips and well-endowed backside has earned her immense popularity.

Earlier this year, Poshy denied claims she underwent hip enlargement in China, saying it’s all-natural.

Well, be the judge, below are her photos:


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