Revealed: Why Harmonize sacrificed four goats


Giving sacrifices in the 21st century is something artists rarely practice but for Tanzanian artiste Harmonize it is something he still does.

Three weeks ago Harmonize had four goats slaughtered in public at Matogoro grounds.

Here is why Harmonize made the goat sacrifice.

He needed security and he needed to get the attention of the gods so that he could deliver his prayer request hence the goat sacrifice.

Harmonize slaughtered a goat in public as his way of sacrifice to his gods. When you slaughter a goat.

The old people believed that if you slaughtered a goat and a lot of blood come out it would definitely die.

Giving such a sacrifice symbolizes giving your ‘soul’ given that as blood oozes out of the goat so does its life slip away.

It can be the life of a cow, goat or a human the more the pain the more the value of the sacrificing you are giving.

Giving a human sacrifice creates attention.


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