Ntakunyorosha! Willy Paul threatens Ringtone in escalating war


Willy Paul’s war with Ringtone does not seem to be abating anytime soon. Ringtone decided to escalate the war of words by urging his fans and followers to do him a favour – to get intimate with either Pozze’s sister, cousin or aunt.
After the act, the video would be sent over to Willy Paul as evidence that his enemies were not asleep and vengeance had come.
And he had an incentive for those who would succeed at the challenge-Shs 50,000 would be rewarded. “Because this Willy Paul pretends that he knows how to sing, the kind of songs he wouldn’t wish that his sister gets involved in.”
Willy didn’t take the riposte’ lying down and went hard at Ringtone with questioning the gospel artistes hypocrisy?
Fine, the man of God (Ringtone) has admitted that people need to have s*x. He claims that I have sang ‘nikune’ of which we haven’t said nikune nini… But he is now urging people to go and have s*x with my relatives. Surely!
Willy added that he didn’t have any issues with Ringtone but warned him that if he continues with the taunting he would beat him up.
“Ringtone cheki! wherever you are, I don’t have an issue with you but with the way things are going, naona nikikutandika! Na itakuwa aibu sana, kijana wa juzi, mtoto wa Salome akikutandika like a burukenge. I’m tired with you Ringtone, umenichosha! Leave me alone. #ringtone, mama bila leso…So this stupid man is still talking about me? Naona nikitandika huyu mkisii!! You are a disgrace to the Kisssiiii people!! Remember kelele yako haitazuia #nikune.” an irked Pozze continued.
He added, “Kuenda.:: check the views and trend on YouTube alafu umeze wembe!!” You know what would settle the bad blood between the two? A televised cage fight and I would definitely pay to watch it.


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