Mother admits son is a thief in viral video that has left Kenyans talking


One mother has surprised many by admitting that her son was killed for theft was a criminal.
Susan Wangui, who was speaking to the media on Wednesday said that her son, Derrick Ndung’u, had been killed by a mob after he stole a phone.
The brutally honest mother narrated how she struggled with educating his son.
“Huyu mtoto nimemsomesha, akamaliza kusoma hata form four. Vile alimaliza form four, nilimpeleka driving na akamaliza driving,” Wangui said.
Wangui even offered to help his aon set up small businesses for his livelihood when he completed secondary school, but he refused.
However, the mothers said she knew death in such a manner was inevitable for her son since the 19-year-old since she once had him arrest and locked up by the police for theft.
“Alikaaa ndani miezi tatu, nikabembelezwa na uncles na anuties zake nimtoe na nikamtoa na bond ya half a million. Venye alitoka nimwambia wacha nikuwekee kazi lakini alikataa. Kazi yake ni kuiba. Me najua ni mwizi. Siwezi mtetea,” Wangui said.
Wangui urged youth engaging in crime to quit if they want avoid the fate that befell her son.


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