Fine dining; pretentious?



When you go to Rome do as the Romans do……

Let me tell you a little something about fine dining. I’m not intending to define terms here, so you might want to do a quick google search to understand ‘dining’ and ‘fine’ in it’s entirety. But first things first, you need to understand the essence of fine dining, and the Do’s and Don’t’s which I’ll not get into today.

The concept of fine dining is deeply rooted into the French tradition. Fine dining has been there for ages and I don’t think it’s dying any time soon. I think it’s morphing into what today’s generation wants it to be. It has gone through a number of changes since the ’70s and ’80s. Back then, fine dining was all about the chef’s most luxurious ingredients, who was there, what atmosphere you could really create to bring those people in, and make it a see-and-be-seen kind of a thing.

The  fine dining restaurants do not have the cafe vibe. They are the white table cloths type of restaurants, fancier and formal than your average restaurant, and serves a piece of baby carrot, a leaf of baby spinach and a wing of baby chicken….I kid you not. In addition to you having to sit through a list of baby everything, you also have to listen to an endless explanation of how each ingredient used to make the dish was cultivated, harvested dried and eventually sprinkled on the rare steak….which is almost oozing blood by the way. They will then go on about the fine gentleman who shoots the hares and venison. The chef will also talk about the other guy who dives for his scallops, and the 48 fishing boats they use, the number of the captains of the boats and the weather.

It is essential that you understand the weather because that explains how the delectable tiny shrimps came to be. The fine dining clientele is interested in the local provenance of food. Once the chef leaves, the sommelier will sweep in and explain the wine list and what to pair it with; which is a plus for me because my taste in wine is bland so yaaay…..I get to pretend to feel the earthy tones of the fermented grapes harvested in spring.

If you are the type that goes to restaurants with bongs, pipes, matches, lighters and paper stashed everywhere, then you might want to sit this one out. You’ve been smoking pot more than the Amazon forest fire and you have a diminished cerebral function that is not allowed in a fine dining establishment.

Bon appetit!




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