DP Ruto forced to leave JKIA in huff after Uhuru avoids VIP lounge


Deputy President William Ruto was forced to leave Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in a huff after President Uhuru Kenyatta changed his exit route after landing at the airport.
Instead of embarking through the VIP lounge where his deputy had been waiting to receive him, President Uhuru who was returning from Zambia landed on the main passenger terminal.
The confusion caught Ruto offguard, forcing him to leave the airport without seeing his boss as planned.
The DP had been in Njabini, Nyandarua County for a meeting and flew to Wilson Airport before he was driven to JKIA receive his boss.
Oblivious of the ongoings at the airside, the DP waited at the Pavilion before he was informed his boss had already touched down and was within the airport.
An agitated Ruto left the airport in a huff in what his allies treat as planned humiliation.
“The DP was a bit late to the airport hence the confusion. There was nothing sinister,” said a senior official who asked not to be named.
Officials said the president wanted to inspect the terminals at the airport and see the progress of various development projects.
He walked through one of the terminals there and came in as a passenger as the security chiefs who had received him followed him.
By then, the presidential motorcade and those of the security chiefs had left the airside to the arrival area and waited for them.
This caused confusion because more security had to be deployed there to clear his way out, witnesses said.
And after almost 30 minutes in the airport, the president left for State House. There was no fanfare including the military band at the airport because he was arriving from a member state of Comesa.
While in Zambia, the president said economic diplomacy offers the best opportunity to conquer poverty and joblessness in Africa.


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