Chelsea players become first to confirm not getting pay cuts in the Premier League amid Covid-19 pandemic


Chelsea have become the first Premier League club to confirm that they will not be slashing the wages of their first-team players despite the economic crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic. The Blues further stated that their action will not stop them from their charitable activities all through the period of this deadly infection.

According to BBC, the club had already made a statement that the men’s team would take a 10% cut this month. However, that has now changed after the representatives of the club and the players discussed extensively over the issue. The publication further stated that the Chelsea board has told the players to continue to support charities, including the NHS.

Meanwhile, London rivals Arsenal and their manager Mikel Arteta have agreed a 12.5% pay cut, while Liverpool, Tottenham, and Bournemouth reversed their decisions to furlough staff.

Newcastle United were the first Premier League club to place their non-playing staff on temporary leave and Norwich have also put staff on the job retention scheme. Chelsea players such Antonio Rudiger is making his own contributions to help in fight COVID-19 in his native home in Germany. The Chelsea center-back has paid for the catering expenses in the hospital where he was born in Berlin for the next three months.


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