Tembea Kenya: Destinations To Visit In Kenya


Kenya has a lot of interesting places to visit. Just that most of us are too reluctant to just go out there and see how beautiful our country is. If we decided to do a poll today I’m sure less than 50percent of Kenyans have even gone to Nairobi National park. Most of us just went to a park during a school trip but after that we’ve never bothered to go there to actually enjoy it and appreciate how lovely some of these places are. Well, for those are looking for new exciting and interesting destinations to visit, here are the most interesting places you can visit in Kenya.

Mahali mzuri in Maasai Mara

This is a tented luxury camp found in Maasai mara. If you want to enjoy yourself at the Mara, you have to choose a great accommodation facility and trust Mahali Mzuri is that place. The camp belongs to Richard Branson and is situated at the Olare Motorogi conservancy. If you book your accommodation at the right time, you are guaranteed to witness the great migration. If that is not interesting I don’t know what is. The camp has great facilities and has a valley for a backdrop. It has been voted favorite safari camp at the Conde’ Nast traveler Middle East readers choices for two years straight. The prices are as mind blowing as the place is.

Rolf’s place

For those who do not want to travel far out of Nairobi but want that amazing experience, Rolf’s place is the place to go. It is a hotel located in the south East border of the Nairobi National park, that is in Rongai. The hotel is built like a medieval fortress on a cliff facing the national park. A suspension bridge that is slightly rickety leads to the mansion. If you are afraid of heights this will be a challenge for you. The view from Rolf’s place is out of this world. If you do not want to take drives in the park and just want to enjoy a good atmosphere and a breathtaking view you will definitely fall in love with this place.

Giraffe manor

It is located in langata which is quite close to the CBD. This place is mostly known for being a posh area where tourist come to visit. That is because you can have your breakfast with the giraffes. That´s interesting right? You better have that in your bucketlist. They have really posh rooms with the best service and one of their family suites is named after Karen Blixen. It literally feels like you are in the movie out of Africa.

Ol lentille

Ol lentille is considered one of the most exclusive safari lodges and is a good holiday destination. It is located in Laikipia. If you are looking forward to having an adventure or just relaxing, Ol lentille is a good place to do just that. It harbours elephants, wild dogs and several other endangered species in the sanctuary. There are also activities like yoga, quadbiking,mountainbiking and my favorite of all, night game drives. There is also walking safaris and camel riding. The place is just a center of adventure!


Lamu island is just beautiful. It is like a book filled with stories since it has alot of history. The tropic island is a place of endless beaches and rolling dunes. Lamu old town is the main attraction there. The locals are very friendly and the town just beams with culture and customs. Getting around Lamu does not need cars because the streets are narrow. Dhow safaris can take you around to discover hidden islands like Pate, Manda, Kiwayu and Siyu.

Elsa`s kopje

This luxurious safari lodge is named after Elsa the lioness and her grave is very near the lodge. Elsas kopje is located in the Meru national park which is known to be one of the biggest homes of Elephants. There are also more animals to be seen in the park and one can actually go for game drives. The lodge is situated at a very strategic place where you get a captivating view of the park. It is also affordable and a good and very interesting destination especially for a honeymoon.

Ngare ndare forest

Located in Nanyuki, the Ngare Ndare forest has the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. The blue pools at the bottom of the fall are just breathtaking. It is home to very many 200 year old trees and is booming with animal life and a rich variety of birds. The forest is a very important corridor that connects lewa wildlife consevatory to  Mount Kenya. It also has a bridge that hangs across the forest. Again, if you are afraid of heights you might want to take a rain check though you would be missing out on alot.

Sieku glamping

First of all glamping is glamorous camping. Sieku is a glamorous camping ground so for those of us who love camping, this is the place. It is located on the south east corner of laikipia county. They have the most breathtaking sundowners. Sieku glamping makes camping easy since they improvise and modify everything to make a classy statement. They are also the pioneers of glamping in Kenya. Activities to take part in while there include, mountain biking, game viewing and the best picnics ever.

Desert Rose lodge

The lodge is located south of lake turkana and overlooks the plains of northern kenya. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Nyiru which has a micro-climate of its own. The lodge is made entirely of local materials. Activities to be do at the lodge include; bird viewing, local wildlife walks, visits to working villages, rock climbing , para-gliding and helicopter rides. The overhead view from the lodge is perfect!


This place has been a marvel to so many of us because of the hefty bills one has to pay just to stay there. However, if you can afford staying here, you will have the time of your life. It has the most beautiful scenery and its very comfortable too. It is a private home in the Kenyan highlands and has truly wild luxuries. There is horse riding, quad bike safaris and helicopter flips. Also there´s the big five game drives.it has been featured in the forbes magazine. Arijiju has to be the most interesting destination to visit especially for the experience.


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